Chamberlain Crane Hire    

When a customer calls and inquires about Crane Hire, we must ask the question of "Do you require a CPA hire or a Contract Lift Hire?". For those who are unfamiliar with these terms, here is a simple explanation of the differences. Below, you also find a link to an in Depth PDF file that covers all aspects of these types of hire.

Contract Lift

A Contract Lift is where we get together all of the paperwork and the personnel needed to complete the Job safely. This includes:

  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement. (RAMS)
  • Qualified Personnel i.e Crane Operator, Lift Supervisor and Slinger Banksman
  • All relevant Insurance cover.

When you ask for a Contract Lift Hire, this will mean that we will organise a site survey. This means an AP (Appointed Person) will be sent to the site of the proposed lift to see what size & type of Mobile Crane is required. Also to assess any possible hazards that need to be addressed. Hazards such as soft ground, overhead wires and Trees are among the most common.

CPA Hire
A CPA Hire is, simply put, where we only supply the Crane and its Driver. This means all the paperwork and personnel mentioned above is not to be supplied by Chamberlains. The above list of Equipment and Personel is to be supplied by the hirer.

For more detailed information about the different types of hire, please follow THIS link. Alternatively you can use the numerous ways of contacting us to find out more.