About us

Our company name goes back to the 1950s

Established in the early Eighties, but with even deeper roots in the industry going back to the Fifties, Chamberlain Crane Hire prides itself upon approaching every job that comes our way with the utmost seriousness. With us, when supplying lifting equipment and services to the smaller scale projects, there’s no “that’ll do” attitude going on. Every client gets the same fully committed service. The super-sized MAMMOTH lifting tasks and abnormal load jobs? We welcome them.

Think efficiency fused with flexibility

It’s true. Nothing fazes us; and we have the trained personnel, experience and equipment to provide an exemplary service from beginning to end. Think efficiency fused with flexibility: our versatility and “can do” mindset allows us to successfully tackle even the most challenging lifting jobs – the kind that most other crane hire companies would rather avoid.

A quality, caring service, where you, the customer, are put above all else

Are we “the best”? Probably. But we prefer to stay humble — focusing upon our customers, not upon ourselves — and always being open to considering emerging technology and machinery. Never resting on our laurels has resulted in us consistently leading the pack when it comes to professional lifting services in Southern England.

Got a job coming up in London / Essex or the Home Counties? Contact our Hire Desk TODAY and take an essential first step towards forging a winning, long-term partnership with a first-class crane hire service provider.

Whatever and wherever your project, Chamberlain can make a key contribution towards its successful completion.

Do you have a project we can help with?

Couple of steels that need to go up onto a roof? A spa bath that needs lifting over that garden fence? Enquire about our half day slots that start at £300.00 under Standard CPA hire.