Other Services

Because there can be more to Contract Lift Hire and Standard CPA Hire than ‘just’ cranes and operators

Traffic & pedestrian management, road/lane closures, crane mats, temporary roadway, a lift and shift service, mechanical & electrical strip out, secure storage, a disposal service, aerial access platforms…

Choose Chamberlain, and get even MORE for your money

As well as Contract Lift hire and CPA Crane Hire, Chamberlain can offer you a whole host of other services, freeing you up, allowing you to focus upon other aspects of your project.

In addition to handling your entire lifting requirements, we’ll take care of ALL of this:

  • Site Surveys free of charge
  • Traffic/Pedestrian Management
  • Road and Lane Closures (via Local Authorities)
  • Specialised Lifting Tackle
  • Lift Supervisors
  • Slinger Signallers
  • Appointed Persons

As well as:

  • Parking Bay Suspensions
  • ​Temporary Roadway
  • Crane Co-ordinators working under CPA or full Contract Lift
  • Protective, large crane mats/pads delivery, and more, on request

Do you really want the hassle of arranging and managing all that? Avoid it by letting the experienced Chamberlain crew take care of it all.

Do you have a project we can help with?