Standard CPA Crane Hire

CPA Crane Hire in Southern England

When all you need is a crane and a driver, Chamberlain’s handy CPA Crane Hire option is IDEAL.

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    CPA Crane Hire. What’s that?

    Well, ‘CPA’ stands for Construction Plant Hire Association, and all crane hire companies must adhere to set guidelines.

    Unlike Contract Lift hire, where Chamberlain handles aspects such as risk assessments, site surveys, insurance, and all the other red tape (as well as the provision of other necessary personnel), our popular CPA Crane Hire service is more basic: we’ll provide you with the right crane and an experienced operator. That’s it. You trust yourself to handle the rest, so why pay more? Many customers do actually prefer CPA over Contract Lift, for operational reasons, and to save on cost.

    Have a think… And if you’re still undecided as to what would suit your project best, our Hire Desk team can happily advise.

    Do you have a project we can help with?

    Couple of steels that need to go up onto a roof? A spa bath that needs lifting over that garden fence? Enquire about our half day slots that start at £300.00 under Standard CPA hire.